What To Bring
Being Properly Personally Prepared for Your Trip is Important

The following tips and other required information will make your day personally pleasurable and help to eliminate distractions associated with your comfort and safety.
Captain Brelsford says "Always Be in Control of Cold, Wet, and Hungry."
  • Medical Conditions/ Ability to Swim -Very Important - passengers with medical conditions that could jeopardize their personal well being while aboard the vessel must make this known to the captain at time of booking for trip evaluation, planning, and consideration. Because of these existing medical conditions some passengers may not respond to certain sea and weather conditions, which could lead to less than a great day. The concerned passenger is encouraged to bring emergency medication or other supplies as required for a safe voyage. Passengers who are unable to swim must be made known to the Captain at time of booking.
  • Camera
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Polaroid Type Sunglasses with Neck Lanyard
  • Hat
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Rain Gear
  • Foot Wear - should be a marine type non-skid deck shoe or other non marking sneaker, or sandal. Any sneakers with any type of black sole severely mark the deck causing cleaning concerns, so please help with this. Hard sole, heeled shoes or black bottom sneakers are unwelcome and will be stored.
  • Food -prepared food, prepackaged and sandwiches are best. NO BANANAS
  • Beverages (bottled water is supplied) Proper hydration is a good thing. Remember alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks are dehydrators.
  • Sea Sickness Medication - please read the directions closely as some require consumption prior to the trip.
  • Other Medication- such as aspirin related products, eye drops, lip protector.
  • Feminine Items
  • Personal Fishing Gear if desired, but check its condition well before the trip.
  • No Global Positioning Devices are allowed on board including those in the cell phone, with out the expressed permission of the captain. All such devices will be left ashore and if found on board will be disabled and or impounded for the duration of the trip and may be cause for trip termination at the discretion of the Captain.