Fishing and Safety Tip of the Week
Safety Tip Avoid Boat Operator Distraction by having a designated area on your boat for your equipment and trash. Before getting underway, ensure your equipment and trash are securely stowed and you and passengers secure their hats and sunglasses before getting underway. Warn those on your boat that you are getting underway at speed, or up on a plane and observe that your passengers are safely seated or holding on. I like the words Coming Up and I announce it loudly. The reason for this is to avoid operator distraction by items flying about the boat or overboard, and passengers falling in or out of the boat as they were not ready for the boat movement. A distracted boat operator is a liability for everyone aboard.

Fishing Tip - Many a fishing day has been ruined by poorly maintained equipment. That includes not only the fishing gear, but the boat and trailer. Check your fishing reel for functionality including proper drag, operability, and fishing line quality. If the reels feels like it has resistance when reeling in with no load on it, chances are it is in dire need of lubrication and may freeze up on you during the trip (usually when the wall hanger is on the line). If you submerge a reel in saltwater no matter how brief, be prepared to completed break the reel down and lubricate the internal functions or by next trip it will be locked up by corrosion. Check your rod for cracked reel seats and proper reel seating and tightness. Check your rod eyes for chips, cracks, and broken or missing inserts. If while you are reeling in you find what looks like a real light spider web gathering about a rod eye or by the reel, chances are you have a bad rod eye that is actually shaving off parts of your fishing line weakening it, but without cutting it.