Offshore Fishing
Fish the offshore waters of the upper Keys, Biscayne and Everglades National Parks, the Gulf Stream and Gulf of Mexico aboard a 35 foot SeaHunter Tournament Edition boat equipped with quiet and fuel efficient triple 225 horsepower 4 stroke out board engines. The boat cruises at 40 knots and is outfitted with freshwater and raw water wash down, a marine toilet which is enclosed in the center console cabin where you can also change clothes in privacy. The center console has a single occupant bunk should a passenger need to rest. The front console seat easily seats two for lounging and two bean bag chairs can be positioned around the vessel including up by the console seat for additional lounging and comfortable seating. The boat is fishing equipped with Furno electronics, VHF radio, outriggers, down rigger, twin 50 gallon live wells, dedicated fish and bait boxes with macerators, and dedicated drink and lunch box contained in the leaning post. The console has a hard top with florescent, spreader and other lighting. The boat sports over fifty rod holders from bow to stern. For your listening pleasure, the boat has a SIRUS satellite radio and CD player if you would like to bring your own tunes.
The design of the SeaHunter 35 was by fisherman for fisherman and excels at fishabilty and adaptability to a variety of fishing opportunities.
Pick your fishing pleasure be it bottom fishing, wreck fishing, trolling the Gulf Stream, slow trolling live baits, kite fishing, live baiting the bottom and the top, or mix it up by fishing to meet what is biting best for the day given the conditions.
Large off shore rods and spinning gear are provided.
Customers are welcome to bring their own gear, but are cautioned to check it over carefully for line quality, maintenance, missing or cracked rod eyes, and general operating condition including the reel's drag.
Captain Mickey is Kid friendly. There is no more enjoyment derived from fishing than introducing and teaching young anglers about fishing and all that goes with the trip including the excitement, the wildlife, and being on the water. Investing family time on the water makes lasting memories and good rewards for school performance and positive behavior motivations, or to just celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.
Fishing instruction is available aboard your boat or mine. Learn what to look for, read the conditions and what is happening in relation to weather, tide, and current. Get a written list of recommendations, tips, and suggestions (a prescription if you will) regarding equipment, boat, tips, tricks, fishing and boating etiquette, and other information prior to making that big investment. The goal is to help you improve the safety, quality, and productivity of your trip and fishing time.