Take a Kid Fishing

As the father of two boys, Captain Brelsford has literally raised them on the water and strongly believes fishing and boating to be wholesome activities for the entire family. Captain Brelsford has over 45 years experience with all facets of recreational family boating and has passed on this enjoyment to numerous youngsters, who have grown to develop a passion for boating, fishing and diving.

Summer vacation, teacher work days, school holidays, what better way to spend quality time with your kids than taking them on a special fishing trip. Watch your kids on the sleepless night before the trip, as anticipation builds. Look on with pride and enjoy their excitement at reeling in their catch. Discuss wildlife they are observing and the relation to the oceans and the environment. Discuss conservation and catch and release. Let your youngsters indulge in live releasing their own catch or teach them why a particular fish will be kept for the dinner table for the entire family to enjoy as a healthy and tasty source of fresh seafood.

Make some lasting memories for your kids that they will talk about for years to come while reflecting on those "remember when" moments. Captain Brelsford will teach techniques to properly tell a fish story and brag about the catch. Take some pictures for bragging rights that will be displayed in your home, computer screen saver, or office. Use the quiet times to tell your kids just how proud you are and how much you love them, or make that all important parental point.

Captain Brelsford will match the fishing technique to the skill level of the youngster to achieve the greatest possibility of fishing success. The kids are taught simple and easy to learn knots, casting, and methods aimed at improving confidence, safety, ability, and fishing skill. During the trip Captain Brelsford will comment on wildlife sightings, make species identification, as well as discuss the eco system based on observations of opportunity.

Boating is family fun for everyone, just not the person operating the boat. Captain Brelsford believes that the family boat is the responsibility of the captain and the entire crew, who should be a team on the water. Are you or your children 21 years of age or younger? If so Florida State Law requires the possession of a Boater Safety Identification Card issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in order to operate a vessel of 10 horsepower or more. Spend a fun filled family weekend with Captain Brelsford to obtain your Boater Safety Card and get hands on instruction aboard your boat to bridge that learned in the class room to the practical application on the water. Are you considering turning that youngster loose with their own or a family boat, but just haven't achieved the confidence level needed to make this important decision? Have Captain Brelsford spend the day with them on the vessel to teach them their area of operation, boater safety and how to be rescued. Did you know that most insurance companies give discounts for proof of boater education?


Take A Kid Fishing