Boating & Fishing Instruction
Educational Charters
  • Captain Brelsford is a true believer in the value of proper boater education in a hands on environment to support that learned in the class room.
  • Captain Brelsford is Kid Friendly and believes that Boating is a wholesome Family Activity and encourages Family Participation.
  • If you are associated with Boat Sales and want to offer a unique Service of a one day Educational Charter to Your Customer for Delivery and Instruction on the new boat, contact Captain Brelsford for special pricing to be included with the vessel purchase and to discuss other very important information.
People take lessons to improve their skill level for all kinds of outdoor and recreational activity. When the safety of you, your family, and a rather large investment of your boat and associated equipment is on the line, why not pursue Boating Instruction via an Educational Charter with Captain Brelsford for the entire family? Not comfortable with nighttime operations? Are you considering turning that youngster loose with the family boat or their own? Do you or your children have boater safety identification cards? Do you need to bridge that gap between the classroom and the practical implementation on the water? How about an Educational Charter as a gift?
  • Educational Charters include hands on experience aboard your vessel, a safety inspection, numerous handouts including manatee zone maps, a personalized vessel prescription for you and your boat, a letter certifying our time together and the information covered.
  • Fresh or Saltwater, Your Choice
  • A Typical Educational Charter will start at the marina where together we will review your vessel, engines systems, safety gear, and trailer if applicable. Family and crew participation will be strongly encouraged. Your launching of the vessel and preparations to do so will be observed and suggestions made and equipment discussed. Boat ramp etiquette will be covered as will departing and arriving at the dock. Customer input is important so if there is something you really need to learn, make it known to Captain Brelsford. While underway we will undoubtedly encounter a multitude of practical training opportunities that will allow you to remember based on experience. We will tour the waters you like to boat on to familiarize you with the area, You engage your electronics and their functions, practice with all your vessel's systems so your are familiar with them, learn how to rescue and be rescued, and engage in a man overboard drill. We will continue the day learning some basic knots, proper anchoring and a multitude safety, and time and cost saving tips that take years of experience to learn. Upon conclusion of the trip Captain Brelsford's paper work begins so in a few days you are presented that all important Vessel Prescription and a letter certifying our time together.
  • Full Two Day Educational Charters for the entire family. Spend the first day on the boat at your house or dock with Captain Brelsford and review the Florida State Boat Smart Book and complete the test for Boater Safety Card Certification. Then, time permitting, continue with vessel and or trailer inspections and learning vessel systems. Spend the second day on the water completing a typical educational charter as described above.
  • Boater Safety Identification Card - Spend a half day with Captain Brelsford reviewing the Florida State Boat Smart Book and take the test to obtain your card.

Fishing Instruction

New to the area or to fishing? Want to improve your fishing skill by learning to read the tide, the conditions, weather and the wildlife and how they can help you in your fishing success. Looking to learn new techniques, bait rigging, live baiting, dead baiting artificial lure presentation, fishing regulations, fish identification and other tricks that it may take you years to learn on your own? Looking to get the kids on the right track with fishing? Want to give a unique gift of a Fishing Instruction Charter?
  • Fishing Instruction for Back Country, Flats, Off and Inshore, and Freshwater on your vessel or ours.
  • Land Side Instruction: Learn how to rig, how to check and properly maintain your fishing gear, organization, field trips to local bait and tackle shops, vessel review for fishing equipment and organize tackle boxes. Once completed this will provide the ground work for written recommendations for equipment suggestions.
  • Salt or Fresh Water,
  • Spinning, Bait Casting, Deep Sea, and limited Fly Fishing
  • A Typical Fishing Instruction Charter will start off at the bait and tackle shop to pick up necessary supplies. We will then travel together to a preplanned fishing destination and discuss the fishing plan for the day and why and what factors impacted the decision. We will hit the water for the day of learning fishing fun where there will be ample opportunity to observe, offer suggestions, practice certain techniques, select and tie knots, leaders, hook and lures, fight, boat, and measure fish, and decide to keep or release fish. Once back at the dock, hands on fish cleaning instruction. Several days after the charter you will receive a personalized prescription regarding equipment and how to improve your fishing.