Gift Certificates, Recognition, and Promotions
Gift Certificates

Looking for that special but unusual gift that will really leave the desired and lasting impression?
Just can't seem to find that special Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, or Christmas gift that will knock their socks off?
Are you trying to give that special retirement kick off from the folks at the office, family or friends?
How about saying it all with the purchase of a Fishing Charter Gift Certificate from Tailer Jailer? Charter gift certificates are available for purchase from Captain Milton Brelsford, who will ensure a special day on the water for your V.I.P. The gift allows for other persons to join the VIP consistent with the charter purchased.
Gift certificates are serial numbered, dated, listed in the intended recipient's name, and signed by Captain Milton Brelsford and the person purchasing the certificate. The certificate must be used within one year and is not transferable to other persons. Gift certificates are refundable with in one year of the date of purchase to the purchaser, who will surrender the original certificate at the time of refund. Gift certificates are redeemed by the recipient by booking a charter consistent with the gift certificate purchase and surrendering the certificate at the beginning of the trip. Gift certificates may be used to upgrade charter packages upon payment of additional fees.


Is your company looking to improve the performance of its employees? Do you have an employee of the month award?
Are you just looking to reward the group or team that seems to perform or just take the crew fishing every so often to build camaraderie and better relations as a company benefit? What better way than to spend relaxing day fishing free from the concrete jungle. Give Captain Brelsford a call to book that special charter.


Are you looking to promote a business function of your company with give away prizes, such as drawings?
Are you having an open house, grand opening, special sale, contest, or other function that would benefit from a prize?
Are you that nonprofit organization involved in fund raisers such as silent auctions and raffles? Ever thought of giving away a fishing trip? Give Captain Brelsford a call to discuss quotes, advertising, contest rules and other information.