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From 1997 to 2004, Captain Brelsford commanded the Marine Patrol Unit and was responsible for setting marine enforcement policy, interacting with other agencies, budget and fleet management, vessel selection, deployment of marine patrol officers and police divers. Captain Brelsford was cross designated as a United States Customs and Immigration officer to cover Federal jurisdiction. Captain Brelsford is a certified police diver and is very familiar with the protocols of this science. Captain Brelsford's operations area consisted of 60 mile coastline up to 12 miles off shore, as well as local waterways. His operations area contained several major ocean inlets, major cities of Miami, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, ports of the Miami River and Miami, and Biscayne National Park. The operations area is one of the busiest in the nation and presented major challenges, including the planning and implementation of marine deployment for the Free Trade Area of the Americas Summit in November of 2003 to the annual Columbus Day Regatta, a gathering of over 1500 vessels to celebrate a sail boat race with a 50 year tradition (which results in a small city on the water for a three day party). Challenges of the not so routine, such as recovery of deceased deep divers from artificial reefs, cruise ship fires and explosions, plane crashes, hi-jacked vessels from other countries, and responding to the never ending flow of desperate persons en route US shores on overloaded vessels. Since the September 11 attacks and until his retirement, Captain Brelsford worked together with the Coast Guard and numerous marine law enforcement agencies and developed port security procedures and responses. Lieutenant Brelsford spent the last two years of his career developing port security responses to meet the Coast Guard demands for the Port of Miami River which included submitting grants for patrol vessels to meet the demands of this challenging operations area.
During his tenure, Captain Brelsford was recognized by his own department as well as received commendations by numerous local, state, and federal marine enforcement agencies including: the United States Coast Guard by Public Service Commendation from Rear Admiral H. E. Johnson Jr., presentation of the 7th District and Group Miami Commanders coins, and the Hall of Justice Award from Station Miami; the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Florida Fish and Wild Life Conservation Commission, the National Park Service, the National Association of Counties for "Operation Cruise Safe" (an escort program for cruise ships departing the Port of Miami prior to September 11 attacks that were immediately adopted as the standard on September 11, to protect vessels in and out of ports); and the Miami-Dade County Commission for development of marine policies and procedures implementation as a result of September 11.
In addition, Captain Brelsford grew up on the waters of Miami-Dade County, and has over 40 years of vessel operation experience on numerous waterways through out the State of Florida and the United States. Captain Brelsford has served on various marine committees through out his career including:
  • Chairman Leadership South Dade
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas Marine Security
  • Super Bowl Marine Security
  • Columbus Day Regatta Task Force
  • Blue Lightening Strike Force
  • Co-Chair Law Enforcement Committee of the Biscayne Bay Partnership Initiative
  • National Academy of Police Divers
  • USCG Quality Action Team
  • Miami River Commission Public Safety group
  • Department of Environmental Regulation Miami River Enforcement group
  • Marine Anti-Smuggling Tactical Intelligence Cooperative
Since his retirement from the police department, Captain Brelsford has been sought out to conduct professional review and render opinions regarding a variety of marine related topics. Captain Brelsford has provided camera boat services for fishing show production, consulted on vessel design for government and recreational vessels; has represented various vessel manufacturers at boat shows for both recreational and government products, has consulted with marine engine manufacturers regarding government sales, has attended both boat shows and marine manufacturing shows on behalf of clients in search of new ideas and products preparing samples and reports, has served as a local vessel manager and contact representative for out of town companies, has professionally tied down vessels stored in the water for hurricane impact at the dock, has reviewed criminal marine enforcement cases and rendered opinions for the legal profession, has reviewed boating accidents with and without fatalities for professional opinions to be used in court and provided opinions and insights regarding a diversity of marine topics.
Captain Brelsford is a highly respected, experienced, and professional member of the marine community who by his wide exposure to a variety of marine related topics and experience is able to offer unique services and insights to the angler, the boating public, the marine industry, marine law enforcement, and the legal and insurance professions.
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